BT versus non-BT corn
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Annual Ryegrass no-tilled into a winter-killed alfalfa stand --Spring 1999

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Munro Agromart Ltd. offers a complete line of NK Corn, Soybean, and Forage Seed.

As well, we work very closely with our friends at Mapleseed who provide us with high quality certified forage grasses and clovers.

Munro Agromart Ltd. became dealers for Northrup King in 1995 and have enjoyed tremendous growth since then.

Originally renowned for its soybean line up, Novartis Seed (as it is known since its merger with Ciba Geigy two years ago) has more recently a become leader in seed corn genetics as well.

Hybrids like N2555BT, N3030BT, N27-M3, as well as hybrids in the pipeline, have allowed NK to challenge the leader.

Varities such as S00-66, S03-W4, and S08-80 have shown NK's continuing commitment to superior bean genetics.