Doug MacPherson

Our Safety Co-ordinator shows by example and demonstrates the proper use of safety equipment when handling crop protectants.

Crop Protection and Nutrition

We, at   Munro Agromart Ltd.,pride ourselves on providing you, the customer, with up-to-date weed solutions in corn, soybeans, forage and cereal crops.

We are continually updating our database of knowledge through a variety of company agronomic seminars and Ministry sponsored courses.

Currently, on staff, we have two Certified Crop Advisors (CCA) which through their years of experience and training can provide you with the most efficacious and cost efficient weed control program available.

Our commitment to providing you with weed free crops does not end with the recommendation. All of our custom sprayer applicators are licensed exterminators under Ministry Of Environment regulations. They are aware and trained about many of the issues they may face while spraying your fields such as off target drift, product compatibilities, thorough weed coverage, and crop and weed leaf staging restrictions.

In addition, our fleet of custom application equipment is capable of applying your weed control program very accurately. Both of our sprayers are ground radar equipped as to vary rate as travel speed varies.