How many times have you listened to the radio during the spring and summer months hoping to hear that for the next two days it was going to rain so that you had an oppurtunity to apply nitrogen on your hay fields?

The two days come and go, you applied your urea but only 1/4" of rain fell. Not enough to incorporate the urea into the soil and now a week later up to 30 % of the N has disappeared and along with it your hard earned money and yield potential as well.

Agrotain, a urease enzyme inhibitor, has recently been registered for use in Canada and is available at Munros.

We impregnate it on to urea or the urea portion of your fertilizer blend using our impregnation system in the fertilizer plant. As you will read below, Agrotain will stabilize the urea on the soil surface for up to 2 weeks reducing the risk of N loss dramatically. The introduction of this product into Canada will also allow no-till farmers more flexibility in their nitrogen application on No-till corn and wheat. Urea or 28% can now be applied on the soil surface pre-plant, pre-emerge or sidedress with very little equipment cost.

Munro Agromart now owns a 'Narrow Track' fertilizer spreader that will enable you to apply urea in standing corn with NO damage to the crop.

Hopefully the company summary below explains the product well enough, but please feel free to give us a call for more info.

(You can also check out AGROTAIN.COM

AGROTAIN is a new-generation nitrogen fertilizer additive that stops nitrogen loss of Urea in UAN Solution and Urea fertilizers. It protects surface-applied UAN Solution and Urea fertilizers from breakdown and loss through volatility.

The Benefits of AGROTAIN:

  • Stops nitrogen volatilization for up to 14 days.
  • Can be easily added to UAN as part of the tank mix or impregnated onto solid Urea.
  • Gives reduced-till farmers more options and greater flexibilty with their nitrogen fertilizer.
  • Helps maximize economic yield, lower nitrogen costs and reduce passes across the same field.
  • Is cost effective when used with tillage systems that require surface-applied nitrogen.
  • Stops volatility from shallow or inadequate incorporation.
  • Gives growers a longer window of opportunity for nitrogen application.
  • Is recommended for use on virtually any crop where volatilization is a factor.
  • Reduces biological immobilization in high residue environments such as no tillage and other conservation tillage fields.

Volatility Test

In the presence of ammonia, the indicator tube changes from bright yellow to purple.

Volatilzation for UAN &Urea with and without AGROTAIN:

Rate Range:

UAN 28% 1.8 Qt/Ton - 2.4 Qt/Ton
UAN 32% 2.1 Qt/Ton - 2.8 Qt/Ton
UREA 3.75 Qt/Ton - 5 Qt/Ton

Range flexibilty based on:

-Expected rainfall amounts & timing

-Timing of incorporation

-Residue level

-Days of protection needed

Nitrogen Cycle:

Yield Response:

Less than 3 Days
9.4 bu/A
7.6 bu/A
Less than 14 Days
11.6 bu/A
8.4 bu/A

Field Testing of AGROTAIN Urease Inhibitor has spanned 19 states during 11 years in over 500 replicated research sites conducted by 22 universities and 11 industry Research & Development facilities.

AGROTAIN Urease Inhibitor was recently recognized as one of the 100 most technologically significant new products by R&D Magazine.

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